About Us

If Primped has one message it’s this: you do you.

Beauty is meant to be fun! And we’re all going to have different takes on it. Maybe you love spending hours perfecting a chiselled cheekbone, or nailing a Victoria’s Secret hair wave. Or maybe you hit snooze as many times as possible and want your beauty products to do five different things for your face, all in the time it takes to commute from your house to the workplace. Whatever your beauty game, we have you covered.

See, we’re all about bringing some realness to our readers. We’re not going to tell you it works when it doesn’t. And we’re not going to tell you there’s only one way to DO beauty – we’re all unique and that’s what makes a beauty community fun. We want to bring you a variety of stories – something for the makeup fans, the skincare obsessed, the fragrance lovers… and we want you in and amongst it. Got an opinion? Let us know! We love to hear what you have to say.

Welcome to what’s basically one giant beauty party, friends.