Cara Delevingne Has The Haircut Of Your Dreams Right Now

Fri, 22 July 2016 9:07AM

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, pre-haircut. Source: Getty

Cara Delevingne hasn’t changed her hair in YEARS. The supermodel has long repped a (still totally enviable) long, layered dark blonde style, so we were pretty shocked when today we saw THIS on her Instagram feed:

  Yep, Cara went in for a dramatic chop, making her one of many celebs switching up their hair game right now. And she juuuust revealed the final look – it’s blonder, shorter, and so painfully cool we’ve already called our hairdressers to copy it.

The dramatic chop is credited to Mara Roszak at Mare Salon. Mara, we’re sending a virtual slow-clap your way.

Do you love Cara’s new style? Would you try it for yourself? Let us know in the comments x

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  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Fri, 22 July 2016 01:11pm

    She looks amazing! I got that hairstyle a couple of weeks ago as well and I love it

  • Posted by: MelissaFay89 Master Fan // Fri, 22 July 2016 02:52pm

    I liked her hair before. Long hair suits her well

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 22 July 2016 08:12pm

    I have to say I love the hair change with Cara, the new style looks fabulous on her.


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