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How to party-proof your hair

Fri, 25 November 2016 12:03PM


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Party season means long, hot nights filled with dancing, rooftop bars and… well… fluffy, frizzy hair usually. Yep, all that heat and humidity can really take a toll on a gals carefully-tonged curls, and what once was a cascading mermaid mane can quickly deteriorate into a puffy, cowlicky mess no spontaneous up-do can control.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent your style from going to hell. We chatted to Leigh Dole of Aussie hair styling bar Blow Bar Co (yes, you can legit drink champagne and get your hair done at the same time – dream life) for her top tips on maintaining the mane.

Prep is key


Label.M Gel, $41.50

“Always make sure you have your key foundation products to start with,” says Leigh. This is not the time to style your hair au naturel and try and convince it to stay that way with copious amounts of hairspray – summer parties require more prep than that! “My go-to is Label M’s Rejuvenating Oil Mist. It’s gold! Add four pumps to your hair when wet and comb through evenly to reduce your blow dry time by 50%.” The oil nourishes but also controls frizz. She’s also a massive fan of their gel. “This beauty is not only a dream to blowdry and tong with, its long-lasting hold and humidity control makes it last a long night.” Again, add when wet before styling.

Go for a style that can take a bit of wear


Source: Pinterest

Reality is, if you’re in for a big night you’re going to mess up your hair no matter what you do, to some degree. So rather than creating a fragile masterpiece, stick with something that will still look at least an 8/10 after a few vinos and some table-dancing.  “Tonged waves are perfect with their flowing, natural movement,” says Leigh. “Use a conical tong or an iron to add movement, alternating direction as you move down the hair shaft.” Go for a naturally messy finish as opposed to glossy, sleek waves – that way, over time as a bit of frizz creeps in (or someone spills a vodka soda down your back), your style still works. “When temperatures rise, no problem! Carry some bobby pins and split the hair into two sections, cross them over at the back, pinning one side over the other and leaving some face-framing pieces at the front. The perfect style for steamy environments!”

Carry fix-its that never fail


Co Lab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo Mini, $6.99

All hail the mini dry shampoo. Not only will it soak up sweat (yeugh) and oil, dry shampoo adds texture and volume when you apply it at the roots and scrunch through. For more aggressive meant-to-be mess, a texturising spray is where it’s at. “These build height with long-lasting grip,” says Leigh. So when your hair starts to go a bit stringy and flat, head to the bathroom, lift the top section of your hair and mist one of these underneath. Scrunch through and marvel at the refresh!

Another life-saver is bobby pins. You can do so much with them – layer them down one side of your hair to create a sweep effect, pin a freaked-out fringe back on either side into a half-up style, or lock down a topknot. Just throw around six in your clutch – you never know when you’ll need ’em.

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