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13 recipes that will give you a Vitamin C boost

Wed, 29 June 2016 2:08PM

Did you know it’s not just citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C? Green veggies like kale and broccoli pack a VC punch! 

Boost your immune system with a healthy dose of natural vitamin C with these quick and easy recipes. Did you know it’s not just lemons and oranges that are rich in vitamin c, green vegetables like kale and broccoli actually boast more of the vitamin per gram than their citrus cousins. There’s bound to be something here to suit most tastes.


Valli Little’s minty lamb with beetroot and charred broccoli
This dish is a surprisingly quick and healthy winner. Take out the feta and you’ve got a dairy-free dinner.


Silverbeet, broccolini and mozzarella pizza
Does the pizza get any healthier? We’re getting into this green and bright masterpiece all year ’round.


Chilli and garlic broccolini
Garlic and chilli make these side vegetables sing with vibrant flavour!

Fish cooked in a jar with fennel and orange salad
This is the perfect dish for people who love fish, but don’t like the smell that comes with cooking it.

Asian-style lamb on sesame fried rice

Asian-style lamb on sesame fried rice
Gai Lan has stalks much like that of broccolini but has a large delicate leaf. It’s available in lots of supermarkets now and you can substitute with broccolini or choy sum if you can’t find it. This lamb recipe has a great Asian-style marinade which packs this dinner with punch and flavour.


Tamari and maple glazed chicken breasts with ginger quinoa
Served with red quinoa and broccolini, this tamari and maple marinated chicken in an instant supper staple.


Spiced crunchy salad
Add some major crunch factor to this healthy salad that’s filled with superfood greens including kale and spinach. Eating healthy has never looked so good.


Soft scrambled eggs with kale and LSA pesto
Start your day off on the right foot with a superfood breakfast of perfect scrambled eggs topped with homemade kale and LSA pesto.


Chicken broth with kale, quinoa and preserved lemon
It would be hard to create a bowl more healthy and soothing than this quinoa, kale and preserved lemon infused chicken soup.


Pink grapefruit, oregano and habanero morning tonic
Set your day off on the right foot with this refreshing pink grapefruit, oregano and habanero morning tonic. Try blood orange for a tasty alternative to pink grapefruit.


Broccolini and soba noodle salad with wasabi dressing and ginger salt
Add some serious kick-factor to your dinner with this punchy wasabi dressing that’ll forever change your noodle-game.


Green beans with pomegranate
This combo makes a simple, stunning side dish.


Lamb, wild rice and quinoa salad
Adding wild rice, nuts and feta to this lamb salad makes it anything but boring. Wild rice takes a little longer to cook that regular rice, but you’ll be rewarded with an earthy flavour and nutty crunch. Spinach is high in antioxidants and essential vitamins. Try this recipe with raw English spinach or finely shredded silverbeet.


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  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Wed, 29 June 2016 02:30pm

    I have to up my vitamin C!

  • Posted by: beccha77 Master Fan // Wed, 29 June 2016 08:30pm

    Vitamin C is great for the skin and immune system! Fantastic recipes given here, I really like the sound of the Pink grapefruit, oregano and habanero morning tonic.

  • Posted by: Pixie96 Master Fan // Wed, 29 June 2016 08:49pm

    So many of these recipes sound fantastic.

  • Posted by: MelissaFay89 Master Fan // Thu, 30 June 2016 09:57am

    These all look so delicious. Great timing too with flu season upon us!

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 1 July 2016 01:13pm

    Lots of delicious recipes. Vitamin C is an important part of the dietary intake.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Sat, 2 July 2016 10:34am

    My youngest daughter laughs at me because every Winter I start eating Oranges like crazy. I have never really thought about it but I think its just my body letting me know thats what I need to do to stay healthy

  • Posted by: Bijoux Master Fan // Mon, 4 July 2016 10:07pm

    Yum, so many good looking foods there! I highly recommend spinach pizza, it’s delicious.

  • Posted by: wittyusername Devotee // Wed, 6 July 2016 06:23am

    I’m always looking for some new recipe inspiration

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Mon, 11 July 2016 01:03pm

    so many great meal ideas right there!
    I love the sound of all of them.

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan // Sun, 17 July 2016 07:57pm

    They look good but I’d have to tweek them all because I don’t eat dairy or meat. The tangerine looks great!! ; )

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