5 new anti-aging skincare products you’ll want to try

Mon, 27 June 2016 1:23PM


Gorgeous skin is totally attainable! (Image: Pinterest)

If you’ve been on the look out for some new skincare treatments and ranges, then look no further. Vogue Australia’s Cosmetic Enhancement Editor Ricky Allen shares her latest finds, and you will definitely want to check them out!

Comfort Zone, Italy

Renight for night time anti-ageing

A panel of experts including a pharmacist, a cardiologist, a pharmacologist researcher and a nutritionist form the scientific team behind Comfort Zone. The skincare brand includes different ranges: Skin regimen for nutriceuticals, Hydra-memory for Hydration, Sublime skin for anti ageing, Renight for night time anti-ageing as well as their Sacred Nature range.

Sublime skin group

Sublime skin for anti ageing (image: supplied)

SKIN regimen group

Skin regimen for nutriceuticals

Each range is accompanied by tools to encourage inner health and well-being including recipes and nutritional and lifestyle tips. These skincare products combine science and nature and a great understanding of skin and body health to deliver excellent result proven products.


HiVita Luminous White Skincare System

Hi Vita Luminous White Skincare System 

HiVita has released a duel set, consisting of moisturizer and food supplement to treat hyperpigmentation (the number 1 skin disorder in Australia). Both products are based on the exciting ingredient derived from the white tomato, grown in Israel under the supervision of scientist Dr.Liki von Oppen-Bezalet. The secondary benefit of this treatment package is that the supplement is also a very good antioxidant for improving health generally.


Clarins Multi Active 30’s

Clarins Multi Active Day & the Clarins Multi Active Night 

This exciting skin care duo is the Clarins Multi Active Day & the Clarins Multi Active Night. Both these products combine the best of science and nature including Teasel Extract, Myrothamnus and Organic California Poppy. Between them they offer 24 hour treatment and hydration of even the most sensitive of skins. They work especially well on counteracting the negative effects of lack of sleep, stress and the environment.


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  • Posted by: cottoncandy19 Master Fan // Mon, 27 June 2016 03:27pm

    Pigmentation is a problem for me mostly because of the scars acne leaves behind

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 27 June 2016 05:17pm

    I am into my anti ageing skincare products so I would be super keen to try these products.

  • Posted by: Pixie96 Master Fan // Mon, 27 June 2016 06:08pm

    Not for me yet.

  • Posted by: beccha77 Master Fan // Tue, 28 June 2016 11:03am

    Going through all of the products presented in this article, they all sound really amazing, producing some great benefits for your skin.

  • Posted by: maggieball Enthusiast // Tue, 28 June 2016 12:17pm

    I’ve had mixed (and mostly temporary) results with anti-aging products (which tend to be mega-expensive!), but I love oils and they seem to make lasting changes to my mature skin (plus they rarely contain ingredients that make me uncomfortable using over a long period of time). The Renight Oil looks wonderful but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in Au where it can be purchased. Any suggestions on local stockists?

  • Posted by: Bijoux Master Fan // Wed, 6 July 2016 01:37pm

    I wouldn’t mind trying all of these products.

  • Posted by: Nas007 Enthusiast // Tue, 12 July 2016 01:45pm

    I really need to find something to deal with five lines on my forehead.

  • Posted by: Nas007 Enthusiast // Sat, 13 August 2016 05:02am

    I want a bottle of each!!


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